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Nutrition Education

My PyramidThe Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank partners with its member agencies to end hunger in our community. A component of hunger relief that is often overlooked is nutrition. Sharing and distributing knowledge about proper nutrition is a factor in reducing hunger.

We invite you to use the following resources in your effort to make nutritional education a part of your service to the community. You can also visit the USDA Food Pyramid online for more helpful tools.

USDA Food Pyramid for Adults

USDA Food Pyramid for Adolescents

USDA Food Pyramid for Kids

USDA Food Pyramid for Preschoolers

Your Personal Path to Health: Steps to a Healthier You!

In addition, the urge for ease and convenience while grocery shopping and preparing meals can not only lead to poor nutrition, but also more expensive grocery bills. We encourage you to take a look at the following resource that lends tips for saving without sparing nutritional health.

Money-Saving Tips

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