Break Out Sessions

Participants were able to attend two break out sessions during the Network Summit. Each 45 minute session was presented at 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Below is a list of sessions that were offered and their corresponding presentations.

Connecting Clients To Resources - Presentation
In this breakout session, we will discuss the basics of SNAP, common SNAP myths you hear and how to answer them, the impact of SNAP on food security and how you can effectively promote SNAP at your agency or work with the Foodbank to do so. 

PantryTrak - Presentation
No more paper! An informative session about PantryTrak, an online program that allows you to complete TEFAP forms electronically and track your monthly statistics. Minimize paperwork, simplify registration and improve your reporting accuracy with this simple and free internet based software. 

Is your pantry nutrient rich? - No Formal Presentation Was Made
University of Akron Dietetic students will discuss their recent visits to pantry programs and present easy and simple ways to incorporate a nutrition-focused approach to serving your clients. 

Welcome to the Foodbank: New Agency Discussion - Presentation
This is an open forum session hosted by a seasoned program manager and a Foodbank staff member. Participants, whether new agencies or new staff, will have a chance to listen, ask questions and discuss strategies, while networking with other attendees about program management.

How to Handle Difficult Clients - Presentation
Those who work with the public know that people can sometimes be difficult to deal with – because of personalities or circumstances! This workshop will help participants learn strategies to deal with the most difficult clients, and maintain your sanity and sense of humor!

Better Business Bureau - Charitable Accountability - Presentation
Charitable rating systems are frequently used by donors to select which charities they choose to support. This session will present an overview of the dynamics of charitable rating systems by focusing specifically on the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance Standards. Session participants can expect to leave with more knowledge of how charitable rating systems impact their ability to garner support and practical ideas on ways to approach the implementation of these standards. 

Foodbank Myth Busters! - No Formal Presentation Was Made
Do you know what’s fact or fiction? An engaging session that will challenge what you might think is the truth about how to serve clients and the policies and procedures governing food assistance programs.