Member Agency Handbook


Member Agency Handbook Effective 7/1/11.
The Member Agency Handbook must be maintained on site for use by your staff and volunteers.  Please be aware that the Member Agency Handbook should not be used as a substitute for the orientation offered to all new agency staff and volunteers on a monthly basis.

Each agency will receive one copy of the handbook bound in a three-ring binder.  It will be distributed as part of a larger membership packet of materials.  The other items in the membership packet will include: highlights of changes in the new handbook, four laminated membership cards, a reformatted Monthly Reporting Form and Quick Reference Guide, a new Membership & Liability Agreement, and a new USDA & Ohio Commodities Agreement (if applicable to your agency).  Failure to sign and submit the agreements may result your agency account being suspended.

We hope you find the Member Agency Handbook very useful in giving your organization a greater understanding of how our member network operates.

Quick Reference Guide to Important Changes - Available Now!

Downloads Available:

Member Agency Handbook - Complete
Table of Contents
Section 1: Foodbank Overview
Section 2: Membership & Liability
Section 3: Storage & Handling Guidelines
Section 4: The Food Menu
Section 5: Orders & Appointments
Section 6: Receiving Your Orders
Section 7: Food Safety
Section 8: USDA & Ohio Commodities
Section 9: Monthly Reporting
Section 10: Billing & Payments
Section 11: Monitoring & Inspections
Section 12: Compliance Violation Procedures
Section 13: Additional Services
Section 14: Quick Reference Guide
Section 15: Available Agency Forms

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